When Morning Comes

I wake up in the morning,

Slack-jawed, hair wrapped in a

Bonnet, sleepy eyed as I stumble

Out of bed. I throw my head back,

Cracking my joints loudly in the

Quiet silence of daytime. My feet

Shift apart as my hands reach up

To pay homage to the sky before

They fall and lift the covering

From my head.

My crown is too big for this world.

Hair tangles as it reaches up to meet

The sun, tiny ringlets singing in the

Daylight as I swing them to and fro.

My naps, my curls rejoice in the new present,

Forgetting about the yesterday already spent.

My garland of hair stretches and whispers with

My body as I spread my arms wide and

Press into my toes, thinking of how

In all creation, I’ve been given my throne

And the seal of authority sprouting from

Above my brow.

I am a queen, there is

None like me, I think as the sun

Keeps on shining.


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