Car Ride

Sitting in the car at night

Passenger seat cushions my head

Like a pillow as we rocket forth

To the north of the starry desert.

My father nods his head to the

Rhythm of the song playing gently

From the radio, fingers grasping

The wheel with the softness of

Flower petals. My sister lies

Along the back seat, pressing

Earbuds into her skull as eyes

track the ceiling, at rest.

Peace is not created, but stumbled upon.

The song changes and my

Hand reaches to switch it.

I pause at the first notes sung.

“This is road trip music,” Dad says,

Humming under the soft singing voice.

I nod my face to the side window as

the night goes on and the road lingers before us,

My eyes closing to count stars behind

eyelids, my soul emptying itself for the

First time.


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